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Older Babies Made Simple

Introducing: The Older Babies Made Simple Course - A Guide to Your 7+ Month Old Baby

Are you struggling with your 7+ month old baby's sleep and schedule? We've heard from countless parents who face challenges like short naps, difficulty sleeping without assistance, and refusing to sleep in the crib.

The Older Babies Made Simple course is here to help you overcome these obstacles. Our comprehensive program offers practical solutions to:

- Extend nap durations and improve nighttime sleep
- Conquer sleep regressions
- Establish a consistent routine for naps, wake windows, and feedings
- Gradually eliminate nighttime feeds

Don't let the frustration of inconsistent sleep patterns take a toll on you and your baby. Enroll in the Older Babies Made Simple course today and unlock the secrets to a happier, more restful journey for both you and your little one. 

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What People Are Saying:

Hillary has been the absolute best at helping our family navigate feedings, sleep and building a routine! Our baby boy really responded well to all of her recommendations. Hillary and her program are such a valuable resource in gaining confidence as first time parents. The baby settler guides and videos truly help you understand the why to what’s going on with your baby and go deeper than many other methods out there. Hillary is so responsive to questions or concerns and makes you feel like you can do it! I can’t recommend her enough to friends who have or are about to have babies!


Highly recommend the online courses for new and expectant parents! So concise, easy to follow and Hillary does a great job of explaining the “why.”


I can’t say enough about Hillary! First, I went to nursing school with her and she rocked that and was always willing to help out a fellow student in need of a vent session (as you know, nursing school is HARD!!). Second, I used to work with her inpatient postpartum/L&D and not only did she have great work ethic; she also kept a smile on her face and kept everyone in positive spirits even if we were having one of those days. Plus!!! She’s so knowledgeable. She started on the floor before me and helped me fit right in to the education and making me feel like home. Third, I was almost a month in from having my child when I asked her for any newborn specials on her videos. As I was waking up every hour to feed and momma needed to sleep, I kept on reading the confusing schedules online and my baby wasn’t having any of that. So I sent a 🆘 message and she supplied the videos. My baby is now sleeping through the night. Like 9pm-7/8. Sometimes I have to wake her because my breasts are engorged. Don’t think twice-listen to her easy videos. I watched them while breastfeeding most the time. Thank you Hillary!